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Early Career ASM Event 2018

During the UKSBM Annual Science Meeting in Birmingham, the ECN held a lunchtime panel event entitled: ‘Multi/Inter/Transdisciplinary Collaboration in Behavioural Medicine’. We were thrilled to have Alison Wright (UCL), Ian Keller (University of Leeds), Felix Naughton (University of East Anglia) and Tim Chadborn (Public Health England) on board to share their experience and provide insight into this intriguing topic. Minutes of the event can be found here.

We had an awesome turnout for our ECN pre-conference dinner social! These events provide a great opportunity to reconnect with and meet other ECRs for the first time.

ECN pre-conf dinner meetup pic







Early Career ASM Event 2017

During UKSBM ASM in Dec 2017, the ECN hosted a lunchtime panel event entitled: ‘Publishing – Perspectives from Journal Editors and Reviewers’, which comprised Prof Susan Michie (UCL), Prof Robert West (UCL), Prof Martin White (University of Cambridge) and Dr Stephan Dombrowski (University of Stirling). Our esteemed panellists covered a range of topics such as how to maximise the appeal of your research to editors and provided key insight into the peer-review process. Minutes of this ECN event can be found here: UKSBM 2017 Early Career Network Panel Event Minutes

We also held a pre-conference dinner meetup which provided a great social opportunity for our early career researchers to meet like-minded individuals. What a lovely bunch we had attend!








Early Career ASM Event 2016

At the Annual Scientific Meeting in December 2016, the Early Career Network held a panel event entitled ‘Research Impact and Public Engagement’. We were delighted to be joined by Prof Daryl O’Connor (University of Leeds), Dr Kate Hamilton-West (University of Kent), Prof Paul Aveyard (University of Oxford), and Prof Elizabeth Murray (UCL). The panel shared their experiences and provided tips for early career members around research impact and public engagement. They provided information on key resources relevant to this subject – these resources can be found here.

Active discussions were also held around: what ‘research impact’ really is; how impact is done in practice; and the importance and value of patient and public involvement in research.

A summary of feedback from this event can also be found here.

Following conversations with early career members we have also put together a list of recommended blogs for early career researchers. You can take a look at this list here.

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Early Career ASM Event 2014

At the Annual Scientific Meeting in December 2013, the Early Career Network held a session entitled “How to Progress Your Career in Academia”. A summary from the event can be found here: ECN event summary – UKSBM 10th Annual Scientific Meeting Feedback from the event can be found here: UKSBM Early Career Network Event- 04 12 14 Report


Early Career ASM Event 2013

At the Annual Scientific Meeting in December 2013, the Early Career Network held a session entitled  “What to do and what to avoid when writing a research grant?”. This event received great feedback and this is summarised below. Notes from the event can be found here.

Feedback summary

  • 49 delegates attended the event and 26 completed the provided feedback forms (53%). This low number is partly due to there not being enough feedback forms; more delegates attended than expected.
  •  The majority of responding attendees were in post-doctoral positions (46%) or PhD students (27%).
  •  Nearly all respondents agreed or very strongly agreed that: (i) the session was useful; (ii) the presentations were informative; (iii) the panel discussion was informative; and (iv) they intended to follow some of the panels’ advice. No respondents disagreed or strongly disagreed to these statements.
  •  Many delegates noted that the panel discussion was the most useful aspect of the session.
  •  The only criticisms concerned repetition of content, issues with catering and length of event (too short).


Early Careers Network Survey Results 2013

In the spring of 2013, the Early Career Network committee developed a questionnaire to survey early career researchers’ interests and needs.  A secondary aim was to identify topics for future events.  Findings from the survey clearly showed that a majority of the respondents (79%) would be interested in learning more about how to apply for research grants.  Hence, the event for the 2013 Annual Scientific Meeting will be a session on grant writing, led by researchers with an extensive experience of successfully applying for research grants.

Other popular topics that the Early Career Network committee will consider for future events included; how to forge a career in academia, assessing intervention acceptability and feasibility, writing successful fellowship applications, securing public and patient involvement, assessing research impact and how to network effectively.  It is anticipated that an Early Career Network event will be held at every Annual Scientific Meeting, with potential additional events organised through webinars.


Early Career Network Events

  • Early Career Network Event at the 2012 UKSBM Annual Scientific Meeting in Manchester meeting notes (.pdf, 106kb)
  • Early Career Network Q & A session at 2011 7th Annual Scientific Meeting in Stirling meeting notes (.doc, 33kb)

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