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Thoughts from the UKSBM President, Annie Anderson…

Thoughts from the UKSBM President, Annie Anderson…
“In recent months, life has changed for all of us – at home and at work. All across the world, people have had to re-consider how they live their lives and how they interact with other people living theirs. The need for evidence from behavioural science to support these changes at the population level – hand washing, social distancing, staying home, reporting symptoms, dealing with illness and even facing death – has never been higher. And, the effects of these changes on individuals, families and communities has – for the majority of people – never been starker.
It is heartening to see that so many UKSBM members have already made a vital contribution to helping national, regional and local agencies cope with extra and different demands. This includes offering input to the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) committee – as well as publishing academic papers about behavioural science. Sharing our expertise and promoting evidence-based practice is crucial at times like these, so please contribute to the global effort by publicising your research or reflections on our various UKSBM Twitter accounts – and remember to tag us into your own Twitter posts using @UKSBM, @UKSBM_ECN and @UKSBM_Fellow. Stay safe and keep well.”

UKSBM Annual Scientific Meeting
It’s hard to believe that it’s now nearly five months since our Annual Scientific Meeting which took place in Bath. Our thanks go to everyone who organised, attended, presented and debated over the course of the two days but also to all those who have given us feedback about how we can improve the event in future. The UKSBM Executive Committee are working hard on plans for the next meeting and look forward to making an announcement very soon about the venue and dates. In the meantime, why not browse through some of the presentations delivered this year – via the event website – and remind yourself why this meeting has become such a showcase event in everyone’s calendars?

UKSBM Executive Committee
We are delighted to announce that Gemma Taylor from Bath University joined our Executive Committee on 1 May as our Professional Development Officer. Many of you will be familiar with Gemma as she was one of our UKSBM Early Career Prize winners in 2019, and we look forward to featuring more details about her new role in next month’s newsletter.

Things to look forward to…
Social Media
You may have noticed that we’ve been rather busy on Twitter recently, addressing the all-important issues of self-care and new ways of working during the Covid-19 outbreak. There was also a series of tweets about ‘peer review for journals’ aimed at those members who are either already undertaking this type of academic activity or perhaps would like to in future. During June, we’ll be sharing tips and tricks about something that interests us all – career development.

We have been planning this new UKSBM activity for several months now and hope that those of you who joined the first of these web-based sessions on 2 June – featuring our very own Sofia Strommer and Annie Anderson talking to Kylie Ball and Sarah Shaw of the International Society of Behavioural Nutrition and Physical Activity (ISBNPA) about life during a pandemic – found it informative and engaging. Anyone who missed the live discussion, can now watch a recording at: Our next two webinars – on the topics of school-based nutrition and cancer screening/prevention – will take place over the Summer so keep your eyes on our Twitter accounts and future newsletters for more detail.

Mentoring scheme
We recognise that academia can be a tricky, frustrating and highly competitive environment in which to work and know that many people find support from experienced peers an invaluable way of facing – and even overcoming – these challenges. With that in mind, we have been developing a mentoring programme for our membership and hope to run a pilot of the scheme in July, August and September. If this is something you are interested in getting involved in – either as a potential mentor or mentee – then now is the time to let us know!

Mid-career network
We have recently launched a new initiative for mid-career researchers which will run alongside our well-established and highly valued Early Career Network (ECN). The Mid-Career Network (MCN) is aimed at members who are at the Research/Teaching Fellow or Lecturer stage of their careers and feel they could benefit from sharing experiences and insights with like-minded folk. Anyone who would like to join the first online meeting – scheduled to take place at 13:00 on 12 June – should register their interest as soon as possible here.
How to get in touch…

If you are interested in participating in any of the activities mentioned in this newsletter or perhaps have some news to share about your research, a job or a training opportunity then please contact the relevant member of our Executive Committee as follows:

Social Media enquiries: Ian Kellar –
Webinar enquiries: Dunla Gallagher –
Early Career Network enquiries: Sofia Strommer –
Mid-Career Network enquiries: Gemma Taylor –
Professional Development enquiries: Gemma Taylor –
Mentoring enquiries: Gemma Taylor –
General enquiries: Rachel Crockett –

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